CrashX MOD APK v7.8 [UNLIMITED MONEY] (100% Tested)

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CrashX: car crash simulator, sandbox, derby, SUV

App Description :


Love free disconnected obliteration and trick games or sandbox games? Crash test system is similar game with regards to mishaps, obliteration, rough terrain, slope climbing, stunts. In the sandbox, you can smash a vehicle under tension or hit a stopping point subsequent to sliding off a uber incline. A game with delightful and adapted illustrations, reasonable material science of vehicle annihilation.

Areas in the game:

  1. Uber incline

Riding on a uber incline with tricks and hindrances. Falls via vehicle, circle, springboard, huge and uber slopes.

  1. Crash test sandbox

A region where you can test the vehicle for strength. Sledges, water powered presses and vehicle shredders. Tumbles from extraordinary statures, knock stops.

  1. Kids’ region

Pool with balls, bowling via vehicle, thumping down hindrances, barrels, boxes.

  1. Red planet

Going romping, slope ascending, desert floating, driving in an open world with slopes, mountains and deserts.

  1. Parkour via vehicle over magma

Hopping over rings of fire, trampolines, inclines and different hindrances. There is red hot magma under you and any fall is lethal.

  1. Parkour blocks in the sky

Move to the highest point of the pinnacle. Vehicle hopping and loads of fun.

  1. Night float

Mountain serpentine, optimal street with circles and sharp turns, rough terrain and dull. For experienced night float fans.

  1. Deserted city

Large city for driving examples. Cruise all over the city, investigate its back roads and discover secret spots. Open world.

  1. Old production line

The unwanted manufacturing plant has numerous mysteries. Defeat impediments, test your vehicle for strength.

  1. Day Drift

During the day, these mountains become considerably more lovely. Lovely perspectives and float in a games vehicle. Perform float stunts.

We are continually extending the rundown of our levels. This game contains a few distinct test systems: rough terrain, crash test vehicles, parkour in a vehicle, float, climbing slopes, stunts, super incline.

There are just 4 vehicles in the game up until this point:

▪️ hustling sports vehicle

▪️ float vehicle

▪️ truck trailer test system

▪️ standard vehicle

Soon we will add new vehicles of notable brands, add unique vehicles: SUV, fire engine, squad car, emergency vehicle

You can compose your ideas and wishes in the surveys for the game. On their premise, we assemble a rundown of enhancements for the game. On the off chance that you like games like junker, phun algodoo, algodoo, slope climb, rough terrain, destruction derby, then, at that point, you will likewise cherish this game.


Multiplayer (beta)

  • CrashX mod apk
  • CrashX mod apk


 - CPUs: armeabi-v7a, arm64-v8a
 - Screen DPIs: 120dpi, 160dpi, 240dpi, 320dpi, 480dpi, 640dpi


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  2. Enjoy the App.

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