Devil Amongst Us MOD APK v1.11.02 [Mod] (100% Tested)

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Devil Amongst Us mod apk
Devil Amongst Us

Rating: 5 out of 5.

App Description :

Devil Amongst Us MOD APK

😈 Silly World otherwise called Devil Amongst Us is a constant online multiplayer game, best played with 12 players in a Haunted Mansion or Prison.

Make your own Silly Avatar and get chosen to play as a “Senseless” or a “Fiend” in hiding N Seek and Murder Mystery mode and as a “Cop” or a “Burglar” in the new JailBreak Mode.

It settles the score better – we have voice talk and emojis!

Game Modes 🕹️ Choose between playing our 3 Modes

Escape – Outwit the cops and get away from the jail with your companion.

Find the stowaway – Find the fraud among your companions! Wrap up every single small work and use concealing spots to get away from the Devil who is coming for you.

Murder Mystery – A social allowance game, remember every one of your companions are presently suspects! Can you truly trust them?

Squid Royale – Come play our new Season of Red Light Green Light, Dalgona Cookie and Tug of War games


Tweaked Game Settings for a Private Match with companions

Voice Chat 🎙️ – Silly World backings a consistently on Voice Chat include. Let your companions know when Satan/cops are close by and help each other to dominate the match.

Labyrinth Race (New Update) – Escape the Maze and don’t be the final remaining one out! You get catapulted in case you are the last individual to finish the labyrinth, in any case in case you’re the senseless or the Devil. Keep in mind, when you’re Satan and you actuate this, you put yourself in danger. Settle on this choice carefully, don’t commit a ‘senseless’ error…

Spectate Mode – Waiting for your companions, while they’re having some good times playing and everything you’re doing is gazing at the fundamental menu screen? Not any more holding up in the hall! Join your companion’s down as an onlooker and watch the activity unfurl, you would now be able to see who’s the Devil and who’s the Silly.

Interactivity 🎮

👮 Jail Break – Cops and Robbers

All sillies enter the jail and get chosen as Cops or Robbers. In an exemplary Cops versus Robbers game, Silly’s chosen as Cops should catch all Robbers before they get away from the Prison. Looters would have to cooperate and finish every one of the small games to Jail break. Be careful! If Cops discover you helping your looter detainees, they will slam you up in the game.

Who do you think will succeed? Cops or Robbers? Play to Find Out in our new JailBreak mode.

🏰 Murder Mystery

Every one of the players enters the spooky manor as a Silly, while a couple get moved by the Devil who has been living in a house for a long time. Had Sillys’ assume the part of a villain in the game. The best way to liberate the manor from these spirits is by wrapping up every one of the scaled down jobs inside the chateau and addressing the homicide secret.

Everybody is a speculate now, Who will you trust? Be that as it may, be careful with the sham who will attack your assignment.

Vote ✅ There is a democratic round after each dead body is accounted for or when a crisis meeting is made. Vote to remove the Devil, yet be mindful so as not to oust an Innocent Silly since you will help the Devils dominate the match.

Conceal N Seek

Who hasn’t played Hide ‘n Seek as a child? Also, if you haven’t, history consistently rehashes the same thing! We’re carrying Hide N Seek to Silly World and the most outstanding aspect of this is that we as a whole definitely know the principles! As a Silly, you need to track down a spot to stow away and ensure the Devil doesn’t get you. As the Devil, ensure you triumph ultimately each and every Silly on the guide! Sounds like fun? Welcome YOUR FRIENDS and get right to it.

Senseless Universe 🌏 Customize your Silly with various skins and cap blends.

Find the stowaway, secret game, and Jailbreak with a voice visit!

Introduce Now!

Kindly offer your criticism for our JailBreak game with our group through email or by means of our social channels! Contact the dev group with your ideas and solicitations at [email protected]

❤️ Thank you for your mind-boggling reaction to our JailBreak and Squid Royale Pre Registration.


Prepare for the upcoming event!
– Pre-register for the event within the game. Limited slots are available!

Various bug fixes and improvements

  • Devil Amongst Us mod apk
  • Devil Amongst Us mod apk


Name – Devil Amongst Us + Hide N Seek Mode

Installs – 1,000,000+

Updated – May 12, 2021

Size – 89M

Current Version – v1.05.0

Requires Android – 4.4 and up



->[Player Options]
- No Kill Cooldown (Not Working in HS Mode)
-Long Kill
-Long Report
-Unlimited Emergencies Meetings
-No Meeting Cooldown
-Increase Vision (Enable in Lobby)
-Max Lights
- Complete All Tasks

->[Movement Options ]
-No clip

->[Account Options]
-Unlock Skins
-Unlock Hats

->[Text Editor ]
-Color Size

- All Skinks Are Open


  1. Install the Apk.
  2. Enjoy the App.

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