Cinema 14: Thrilling Mystery Escape MOD APK v3.2K3

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Cinema 14: Thrilling Mystery Escape

App Description :

Cinema 14: Thrilling Mystery Escape MOD APK

Stirred in the unwanted film corridor, she ended up caught with just ambiguous recollections before the film began. She reviews the gossip that one should complete the film for the revile to be lifted. It was no gathering tale, a serious issue. She needs to getaway.

Her choices were scant and the main way she could track down just drove her to a peculiar room. Beds? Cupboards and wood flooring. It nearly appeared to be a typical room until she got the spooky sight of what was checking out her from far off. Shudders went through her spine from simply a look.. It… it was a doll… standing directly before an old wooden entryway. It was wearing a blurred Japanese kimono and had a face dull like a body, no eyeballs, simply clear eye attachments. There could be no opposite way around it. That is the main entryway that might actually be the leave, she thought. She made lethargic delicate advances while her eyes stuck to the doll and out of nowhere she halted.


It moved.

She was exceptionally certain it MOVED!


An abrupt inauspicious thump resounded the air around her.
It was a sign.
Something was coming, among us!

She froze. Not knowing where to go, what to do.
The doll, it’s no more!
She could get out from the entryway!

She was shocked and ran in her direction to it!
Yet, when her hand was going to contact the handle…
It turned.


Her heart avoided a thump.

“H-Hello?” she stammered.

The entryway gradually squeaked open, freezing air dipped under followed by a destructive murmur in the quiet.

She knew in a split second.

“It’s not human!”

Now is the ideal time, settle on your choice.
*Block the entryway with the things around you.
*Lock the entryway with the chains alongside it

Your activities will determine her destiny!

Will she awaken from the bizarre bad dream knowing reality? Or then again will she tumble to her death as a result of the decisions she made? Every one of the 14 endings will uncover the little bad dreams and eventually choose the past, present, and future.

The story in Cinema 14 is driven by visual novel propelled narrating. Venture through the secret experience as the insider facts unfurl.

Track down every one of the indications.
Face exciting QTEs to make due.
Would you be able to get away from the awfulness?
Will you run from the unpleasant truth?
… or then again join the party?


Quiet… my youngster, escape is inevitable….
…the neighbors can’t hear you by the same token.

Presently hush up…
Mother and Papa are pausing.

14 Endings. Your Choice, Your Destiny.

She is caught in Cinema 14 and her main way out is to complete the film.
Escape from the grip of the obscure risks.
Endure the lobby of awfulness and watch the reels of secret unfurl.

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One of a kind game highlights:
Interesting storyline
Get away from the room RPG
Disentangle the secret with your decisions
A dynamic novel with energized designs
Testing and randomized riddles
Speedy time responses
Story and Casual game modes

Cinema14, accessible in English and Chinese.

**This game saves new information naturally when you return to the Cinema. Freeform just permits neighborhood saves.
**Each time a designated spot is reached, you might proceed from that point if there should arise an occurrence of leaving the game

  • Single player secret ghastliness game
  • Free form contains advertisements
  • In-application bought things will be recovered when reinstalled.
  • Free form Save records are kept locally, uninstalling eliminates saves.
  • Cloud saves accessible with any in application buy

Cinema14 Privacy Policy:


Chapter 12 & 13 now available.

3.2K3 Fixes:
1. Added an oval gem item to collect in the casual realm when attempting to solve the cabinet in the editor room.
2. Increasing the chance to obtain The Anchor quest from the old grandfather clock after C11.

  • Cinema 14: Thrilling Mystery Escape mod apk
  • Cinema 14: Thrilling Mystery Escape mod apk


 - Unlimited Money
 - CPUs: armeabi-v7a, arm64-v8a
 - Screen DPIs: 120dpi, 160dpi, 240dpi, 320dpi, 480dpi, 640dpi


  1. Install the Apk.
  2. Enjoy the App.

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