Endless Nightmare 1 MOD APK v1.1.3 [Mod Menu] (100% Tested)

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App Description :

Endless Nightmare 1 MOD APK

Test your guts, defeat your dread, spine chiller starts, shout!
You are James, a cop, your significant other and little girl were killed at home. During your quest for reality in the house, something frightening occurred. What occurs next in this unnerving house will be an unending bad dream for you, everything is in secret, experience begins…

Ongoing interaction:
★ Research: Adventure start! Investigate every region, open locked entryways, look for pieces of information, settle riddles, unveil the secret, you might discover a few bizarre things, yet they are valuable, sort out who is the killer!
★ Tune in: Don’t simply depend on your eyes! Listen cautiously to the sounds around you. You might meet a frantic lady likes horiffic jokester, don’t shout, she will make commotions while drawing closer.
★ Escape: Hide and look for, regardless of whether you are found by the awful frantic lady, you might get goosebumps, however don’t be apprehensive, you actually get an opportunity to outlive. Run!
★ Stow away: You can observe a concealing spot, stow away in storage room or under table. Try not to be seeked by her, or you will dead by sunlight, track down a street to endurance.
★ System: Attract her by breaking containers or cups, then, at that point, take the risk to investigate different regions. Remember the principles of endurance and use methodology, track down a street to get by and track down her personality.
★ Assault: Don’t have any desire to stow away any longer? Gather portions of the taser firearm to collect and make her assuage, become an executioner!
★ Leave: Find out the killer and get by to escape from the repulsiveness house.
Game Features:
★ Allowed to play without web, play anyplace you need!
★ Alluring alarming story, unpleasant case, terrible truth, experience the excitement of tackling a case!
★ Gather different things to assist you with finding signs and investigate reality!
★ Keep away from and dispense with the awful underhanded lady, energizing and tomfoolery! Recollect find the stowaway!
★ 3D plan and flawless illustrations, give you the most practical visual awfulness experience!
★ Startling music, dreadful sounds and climate with jumpscares, if it’s not too much trouble, wear earphones for a superior encounter!
★ Different trouble modes, work on your guts!
★ First individual experience game, don’t dead by sunlight!
★ Canine is your dearest companion, he can assist you with tracking down hints and safeguard you!
★ Get free compensations from the wheel!
Interminable Nightmare 1: Home is a 3D fear phantom game for nothing, it has a smaller than normal world, practical designs, horrendous sounds join with bewildering frightening story will bring you into an unpleasant and invigorating world! Everything is in secret. Open locked entryways, many riddles and you can track down heaps of things and pieces of information in the unpleasant house, address puzzles, they assist you with sorting out reality of the case and all secrets. During the investigation interaction in numerous dangerous rooms, you ought to likewise keep your eyes open for the detestable phantom, run right away in the event that you meet her, stow away in storeroom or under the bed are great ways of disposing of the insidious lady. Recall the standards of endurance. Obviously, you can make her conciliate, use procedure! Would you be able to get away from ghastliness in the frightfulness small world? Aimee loved remaining with granny, granny isn’t just her granny, yet in addition her instructor. Granny companied with Aimee when she was illing, she abhorred the emergency clinic yet enjoyed granny’s organization, caused her to feel conciliate. Granny so miserable after Lisa and Aimee passed on, if it’s not too much trouble, help her!

Assuming you need a reasonable and unpleasant repulsiveness apparition rationale game, play this tomfoolery free dread and very unnerving investigation experience game, we expect you complete the section, settle riddles and riddles, sort out the case and outlive from the frightening small world! Everything has rationale, utilize your procedure to track down reality, get away from ghastliness and sort out your genuine personality!
Conquer your dread! Spine chiller starts, shout starts! We should begin your shock activity experience! Recall rules of endurance in this terrible experience, don’t dead by sunlight! Look for, stow away and outlive.

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* Optimized game performance, give you a better gaming experience!

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  • Endless Nightmare 1 mod apk
  • Endless Nightmare 1 mod apk


 - Mod Menu
 - Unlimited Ticket
 - Unlimited Dog Food
 - VIP Unlocked
 - CPUs: armeabi-v7a, arm64-v8a
 - Screen DPIs: 120dpi, 160dpi, 240dpi, 320dpi, 480dpi, 640dpi


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